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"Script Wizard"

Excerpted from Writers Digest - April 1997

by Chris Meeks

"...Script Wizard...has built-in formats for one of the widest variety of script formats I found: feature, TV movie, stage play, sitcom, daytime soap, radio, variety, AV, storyboard, custom, etc. Some of these formats make extensive use of Word's table feature to create multicolumn scripts. The storyboard format would work for an interactive project.

The Script Wizard installation process is well documented and easy to run. It copies the Word templates for the various script formats (screenplay, tape, etc.) into the Word template area on your hard drive. You access the program by opening Word, selecting 'File New' from the menu and choosing the template for the format you want to use.

The Word toolbars have been modified to include buttons for just about everything — all the line types, adding extensions to character names, numbering the script, etc. The Format Editor, where you specify the margins and format of the script line types, is very easy to use and totally point-and-click.

To add character names, select the characters menu item and click 'Add Item.' You are given a screen where you type the character's name and assign a key combination (usually the [CTRL] key and the first letter of the name). Thereafter, the name appears in a 'speaker' box on the screen. You can put the name in the script by clicking on the name in the list, by using the key combination, or by choosing the characters pulldown menu and selecting the name on that list. This program does not include the capability to type the first letter of the name and have the full name appear.

...Once you paginate the script, Script Wizard creates a printing file and stores it on your hard disk with a name that has the first 7 letters of the name you gave it, followed by an '©' and the .doc extension. You may edit the printing file to make minor changes, but most work must he done in the working file until you make formal revisions. If you need to make revisions and generate A pages, there is a procedure for creating a revision file from the printing file...."

Note: We've gone through numerous revisions/upgrades since the above review (and see other reviews by clicking here), constantly updating our software as new technologies and new script formats and standards necessitate updating.