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Computer Business: Word Up

Writing in the June 2009 issue of Writers' Journal, in his "Computer Business" column, Carl Hose states that no other MS Word add-on "delivers the outstanding performance" that Script Wizard offers. He goes on to discuss the advantages of the software:

"Script Wizard is a full-featured script-writing add-on that makes it possible for you to craft screenplays with Word the same way you would with a dedicated screenwriting program. There are several advantages to using Script Wizard instead of a dedicated screenwriting program:

Versatility — Because Word is the leading word processor on many computers, screenplays created with Word are easy to distribute. Everyone has the ability to read a Word file or a file format in which Word can save documents. Also, Word can handle all types of writing, whereas the dedicated screenwriting software is limited to screenplays. Why not use one program for everything?
Familiarity — Word is a familiar environment for many writers already, reducing the learning curve and freeing up time for writing.
Extended FunctionalityScript Wizard not only gives you a full range of screenwriting tools but also takes advantage of the excellent features in Word, giving you many more writing tools at your disposal.
CostScript Wizard is more affordable than any of the major dedicated screenwriting programs.
Script Wizard allows you to create feature film scripts (both spec and shooting), sitcom, variety, daytime soaps, A/V, and more. Customizable tool bars give you access to an extensive set of screenwriting elements, plus you can do script notes, create revision pages, and generate reports."