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John Bradford Goodman

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John Bradford Goodman was raised deep in the heart of Texas, in the beautiful hill country of Austin. Shortly after his first birthday, Goodman was diagnosed with Spinal Muscle Atrophy. The prognosis was grim. Doctors predicted he would not survive the age of three.

Goodman recently celebrated his thirtieth birthday after graduating from film school at San Diego State University.

Despite the incredible challenges of being a virtual quadriplegic and having to use an iron lung respirator every night, Goodman has managed to soar over these obstacles, and many others which have presented themselves along the way.

Goodman has been actively pursuing his dream of being an Oscar-winning screenwriter, and he is most certainly headed in the right direction. Having written and directed four short films in college, Goodman's first documentary, Angels of Light, continues to touch people's lives and win awards as it sweeps across the globe. The film revolves around a group of very special children in rural Mexico who were abandoned because of their physical and/or mental disabilities. Goodman regards the film as his greatest achievement to date.

In addition, Goodman serves as founder and director of The Winner Take All Screenwriting Competition. The first screenwriting competition to not only award the winner a trophy, but to also use a scoring system based on the craft of screenwriting, and less on subjectivity.

Goodman has sold a story to "Malcolm in the Middle," and has recently optioned a feature.


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