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"Thanks to your excellent coverage my screenplay was a top finalist in the Expose It! Screenplay Competition."

--Mary Hahn, California

"Just a quick note to confirm that I received your coverage document. What a fantastic help it has proved too! I found it highly constructive and very fair. I hope it's not too long before I resubmit my screenplay having hopefully taken on and acted upon your reader's advice."

--Graham Mulvein, England

"Anyway, I did receive the coverage of CINDERELLO today, and I would appreciate if you would pass along to the reader who did it what I great job he/she did.  I think all the points mentioned are very well taken, and extremely helpful, and I value the clear and concise way he/she not only made each point, but then reference back to how it related to my specific script.  This reader not only obviously knows the craft of screenwriting, but can also teach it effectively.  Well done!  I was hesitant to try this paid coverage at first, but I would definitely do it again.  I also intend to do the rewriting suggested and give it another try.  Thanks again."

--Dayle Dodds, California

"Great notes. The reader hit on all those little inner red flags that were in my head but that I couldn't figure out. I'm actually quite surprised by the quality of these notes especially for the price."

--Kenneth Staples, Delaware

"Thank you so much for the coverage report of my novel.  I found the report to be very detailed and in depth.  I appreciate all the good things you had to say and I agree with the suggested changes.  I've begun the rewrite and am very excited to see the changes that I'll make in the novel.  Your service is great and I'm really happy I found you."

--Nancy Niles, Las Vegas, Nevada

"...By the way, the coverage was well worth the $150.  I expected to hear the good and the bad.  I did not expect to hear how to improve my work, with suggestions.  I will be re-submitting a rewrite soon as well as other screenplays and will be recommending your coverage service to anyone who will listen."

--Chris Chapman, New Jersey

"... thanks for your coverage service.  I found it insightful and very illuminating.  You've given me a much better feel for my own story and I can't wait to apply the great suggestions your reader gave me."

--Darryl Anka, Woodland Hills, CA

"My compliments to the reader who wrote the coverage for On Her Way Home.  He or she was thorough, accurate, comprehending, and probably correct in judging the work a improbable film sell without the unwavering commitment of a producer or a star.  The only point I might argue is that the reader found the characters insufficiently Jewish.  That was probably because he or she is unfamiliar with Jewish life on the western frontier, which to date has only been portrayed comically on film, to wit, The Frisco Kid.  Overall, the service you sell is well worth the fee."

--Harriet Rochlin, Author, Los Angeles

"I appreciate the coverage I received from Hollywoodlitsales.  You not only highlighted the weaknesses in my script, but there was also loads of encouragement regarding my writing.  I now have some choices to make, to improve my story.  The cost of your service is actually a bargain, the money was well spent, the feedback was invaluable."

--Bob Maniuk, Ontario, Canada

"Hello there. I just wanted to express how happy I am with your coverage on my script "USA" (even though it was given a "pass"). The details and info is very insightful, and certainly will be considered."

--Scott Simpson, Sacramento, CA

"Thanks very much for all the work you did on ARK.  I think it was probably the best $240 I ever spent."

--Andy Sparrow, England

"I just finished reading the "New Coverage", and found it to be, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT.  In fact, I was very surprised at the detail information I received from the reader... the reader was right on the money.  Since this was my first attempt at writing a script, this coverage answered a lot of my own unanswered questions.  It was money well spent.  The vast amount of information I received was more than I anticipated.  Being a true education in itself, I learned a great deal from the "Comments" that will be implemented in my next script."

--George Perkins, California

"My writing has significantly improved since I started using your services."

-- Roy Hempel, Arizona

"I'm impressed with your service and quite honestly there are more comments here than I expected for the price.  I'm digesting, fermenting, and processing the comments and will give it another go.  Thanks again."

--Christopher Ross, New York

"...The reader did a thorough job, and the evaluation will be very helpful.  ...Thanks for your great service, and please count me as a satisfied customer!"

-- Victoria Korson, Oregon

"Please convey my thanks to whoever did the coverage on my script State Of The Union - it goes right to the heart of what's wrong and how it can be put right."

--Jason Philps, London, England

"Wow.  Thank you!  The coverage was excellent.  The reader understood the story and got the underlying premise spot on.  I am very impressed.  Delighted to hear that this will now go out to people in the industry..."

--Jane Fensome, England

"...the critique was extremely insightful.  ...thorough and fair: s/he pointed out what the script's weaknesses were and also noted its subtleties and strengths.  However, the critique went beyond 'This works' or 'This doesn't work.'  ...told us exactly why some parts worked and why some didn't."

-- David Hoing, Roger Hilenan, Iowa

"I want to thank you guys for the wonderful coverage for The Thesis and The Syndicates.  I am going to spread the word."

-- Charles Anene, Maryland

"...a great place to get intelligent, well-thought-out coverage.  Experienced professional eyes that zero in on a manuscript's strengths and weaknesses that can only help the writer's entrance into the Hollywood system."

-- Richard Guimond, Rhode Island


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