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Find out if you have a great spec or pilot script. Our readers are familiar with all the current shows. If is best that you submit a spec TV script based on a current show.

Here’s what you’ll get:

A 3-4 page single-spaced assessment of the material which includes feedback on character, dialogue, structure, and premise in terms of what works and what doesn’t. Suggestions will be made for improving it.

Overall the coverage will let you know if you have a script that works for the show you are writing for. This means consistency in character, tone and subject matter. Your characters must relate to each other the same way as they do on the show that is on the air.

You’ll get a rating of “pass” or “consider.” A “pass” means that you need to work on it and a “consider” means that it is worthy of industry attention.

If it gets a "consider," does that guarantee that it will help me get work or an agent?

No, but here's some advice: First, one great TV spec is nice but unlike a spec feature, no one in the industry will take notice of one TV script, especially if it’s a pilot (original show) based on your own idea. New writers just don’t sell series pilots. They first become staff writers and move up the ladder to become show runners before they can sell a pilot. So you need at least TWO great specs to think about alerting the industry of your work. One can be a pilot but as we just said, don’t expect to sell it. The two scripts will act more as writing samples to get you a writing assignment or an agent. Also, you don’t have to submit two scripts at the same time. If your first one gets a “consider” send us your second script anytime after that and if it too gets a glowing report, you're better off. Whether an agent will respond to your material like we responded to it, we just don’t know so we don’t make any promises. All we guarantee is a quality assessment of your material.


  • 30 Minute Sitcom $99.00 (50 pages max in TV format $1 per page additional.
  • 60 Minute Drama $129.00 (70 pages max in feature screenplay format. $1 per page additional).

2-3 week turnaround.

  • 3 Day Rush Service.  Add $50.  Online submission only, with credit card payment.  In by 2PM, PST. (Hollywood Time), back by 6PM, PST 3 days later.  SUNDAYS do not count in this time frame. You must have a working e-mail address for this rush service.

If you don’t need a rush and want to snail mail the script with a check (in USD against US bank) or an international money order in USD, that’s fine but you’ll need to add $5 per script since we will have to take the time it to the Post Office and mail it to the reader. Also, a personal check will slow things up. We don’t make a move until the check clears. And please, don’t send CASH in the mail.

Confused? Best to e-mail us by using the “contact us” e-mail form linked at the bottom of all our pages. Or call us at 1-800-589-1022.

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