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"Thanks very much for all the work you did on ARK.  I think it was probably the best $240 I ever spent."

--Andy Sparrow, England

What Is Coverage?

There's a saying that nobody reads in Hollywood.  This is partially true.  Since the industry is deluged with reading material and there's only so much time in the day, a lot of it gets read first by folks called "readers."  They write up a few pages which summarizes the story and includes comments about it, the writer and whatever else the reader feels is appropriate for the particular person they are working for.  This is known as "coverage" or a "readers' report."  If the coverage gets a favorable grade, the material is then read by the reader's boss who might be an agent, producer or an executive.  Look at coverage as a screening process.

Sample Coverage

What Are Development Notes (Deluxe Coverage)?

These are very detailed notes given to professional writers while they work one-on-one with a creative or development exec.  They get into much more detail than the coverage report including paragraphs on synopsis, structure, dialogue/writing style, scene transitions/act breaks, characters, tone, commercial appeal, first ten pages, conclusion.

Sample Notes

Why Do I Need It?

Before sending out your script or book for production consideration, it is A MUST that you have it professionally read.  Otherwise, you might be shooting yourself in the foot, sending out material that is just not ready.  By having it professionally critiqued by some of the same people who work in the industry, you have the upper hand in a very tough industry.  It's really a no-brainer.  If you want to sell, having your material read by your best friend or family member just won't work.  Only industry professionals will know if your material is working and why or why not.

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