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Questions About Our Services

Why do I need coverage or development notes? top

With these written reports from someone in the industry, you'll get an idea of what Hollywood thinks of your script before you make the official submission.  This way you'll know if you are submitting it too soon which is a fatal flaw many writers make.  Once you send an agent or producer your material and they don't think it's ready, you don't get a second chance.

What's the difference between coverage and development notes? top

Coverage is sort of like a book report you used to write in grade school.  It is written by "readers" and is designed to help busy movie people decide if your material is worth reading in its entirety.  It's basically a summary of your material with a few notes regarding its strengths and weaknesses.  Development notes (our "Deluxe Coverage" service) is a more in depth analysis of the material.  It is designed to help writers who are in the process of rewriting their script.  Before a screenplay is filmed, a creative exec usually provides these notes to the writer so that the script can be refined.

How will I receive my coverage or development notes (Deluxe Coverage)? top

By e-mail.

Let's say I get the notes and make the necessary changes.  If I submit that same material again, do I get a discount? top

Yes.  Our Services/Prices list addresses this subject.

What if I don't agree with the coverage the first time, can I get a second opinion? top

Sure, if you pay the resubmission fee. Before you submit you must realize that you are paying for an informed OPINION and even if you got a studio head to read your script, you might not agree with the assessment.

Do you get a cut if you sell or get my material optioned? top

Unlike other companies, we do not take a percentage of anything we help set up via this service.

How do I get you payment and my material? top

We accept submission & payment via online (here) and by snail mail.  Payment must accompany the submission.  We accept checks against a US bank only, money orders or credit cards (Visa, Am Ex, Visa).

Should I register my script or book before sending it to you? top

It's always a good idea to do this before you let anyone see you work.  We recommend that you register with Protectrite.  They are less expensive than the Writers Guild of America and their registration time is longer.

How can I contact someone about this? top

E-mail or toll-free phone number are available; see our Contact page.

Sounds good, where do I begin? top

Begin right here.

Begin Process

Questions On Material That We Accept

Can I still submit a screenplay that is an adaptation based on other material? top

Yes as long as you control the rights to the other material (article, book, life rights, etc.) that the screenplay is based upon and can attest to it in writing on our submission form.

My book is a true story, is that okay? top

Of course.  There are many feature and TV films based on true stories.  Remember ERIN BROCKOVICH?  Remember SCHINDLER'S LIST?  We accept all genres, fiction or non-fiction.

I'm out of the country, can I still send you a script? top

Sure, as long as payment is by credit card (Am Ex, MC, Visa) or international money order.

Questions About Our Readers

Who does your reading? top

Professional readers who have worked at least five years in the motion picture industry as a reader. This is VERY important. Many other companies, especially the ones who charge less than us, use film students or recent college grads to read their scripts. This is how they can afford to charge so little.

Can I decide who does my reading? top

No.  Our staff of readers is well established in the industry.  It simply would not be cost effective for us to have customers select readers at this time. If you do a rewrite though, and want the same reader, we should be able to accomodate you.

Can I speak with the reader after I receive the notes? top

No.  At this time we only offer notes.

Will the readers write notes on the screenplay? top

No.  The notes will be on separate pages.  We assure you that this will be enough to get across their points.

Questions About A Guarantee

Can you guarantee that I'll get an agent or get my script produced? top

No.  It would be impossible to back up a claim of that sort.  We can guarantee that if you are able to follow our advice, you will become a better writer.

What if I keep rewriting my material and it improves? top

Sorry, we still can't guarantee a sale or representation.

If I don't agree with the reader's notes, can I get my money back? top

No.  This isn't like buying a coat where you can return it and another customer can buy it.  Our readers put lots of time into reading your material and writing notes.  They are very experienced, and we back them 100%.  You might not agree with everything they say, but if you are capable of implementing their advice, we are confident that you will have much better material and will become a better writer.

"... thanks for your coverage service.  I found it insightful and very illuminating.  You've given me a much better feel for my own story and I can't wait to apply the great suggestions your reader gave me."

-- Darryl Anka, Woodland Hills, CA


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