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Sorry! But Wizards for Word is no longer available at the Writers SuperCenter.
Please see instead our MasterWriter Software for excellent article-writing,
advertising-writing, and other non-fiction writing uses.

Wizards for Word 4.0
Complete Format and Structure Editing Software
for Manuscripts, Novels, Articles, Reports, Correspondence, etc.

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The Wizards for Word 4.0 instantly creates the structural layout of almost anything that you will ever write!
Whether you are writing a book, article, short story, novel, or essay, this indispensable tool instantly gives you the proper margins, the proper chapter arrangement (for a book), the proper sections (as for a book proposal), the proper heading style, the proper table of contents layout (for a book or book proposal), the proper index layout (for a book), the proper page numbering, the proper footnote style, and so on.
In short, every structural part of what you want to write is instantly provided for you! And it allows you to work separately on each chapter/section of whatever you are writing. So if you're writing a book, you can work on any chapter at any time; and then at any time, you can combine all the chapters into one perfectly formatted book.

ONLY $89
OR STEP UP TO Wizard "Cheetaah," the swiftest writer's software ever!
Now on special for ONLY $60

Find out more about the Cheetaah!

THE WIZARDS FOR WORD 4.0 CONTAINS ALL these software components . . . All on one convenient CD (or download):
Book Writer
Grammar Wizard
Novel Formatter
Short Story Writer
Article Writer
Synopsis Formatter
Format Repair Wizard
and more!

It even takes the basic information you provide it -- such as the author's (i.e., your) name and contact information, the title (of your book, article, or whatever), and so on -- and instantly inserts it into the appropriate part of what you are writing.

And you can easily use The Wizard to edit your writing. Thus, if you have a rough draft of a manuscript, you can use the The Wizard's "Repair Wizard" to re-paginate and re-format the entire manuscript, adding the proper chapter divisions, headings, and every other aspect of your manuscript. It's a breeze to turn an incomplete work into a perfectly structured masterpiece.

No more agonizing over what is the correct way to structure a book, article, short story, novel, query letter, or book proposal. The only thing you have to do is simply to click the appropriate button in your word processor, for the program sits conveniently right in your MS Word word processing program.

Unquestionably, this will be one of the most useful software programs you'll ever purchase.


For WINDOWS: All Wizards Software requires a full version of Microsoft Word (2003* thru 2016) running on a 32 or 64 bit version of Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 thru 10). These versions can be purchased, e.g., Office 2010 Home and Student, or rented Office Home Premium 365.

For MAC: All Wizards Software requires a full version of Microsoft Office Word 2011 running on a Macintosh with OSX 10.6 or higher.

Starter, RT, or any web-based-only versions of Word are not compatible.

Wizards for Word $89
or Wizard "Cheetaah"

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