WriteItNow5 With StoryCraft:
The Fiction Writer’s Software Match Made In Heaven

WriteItNow, the most popular writer’s software for fiction writing, is even more powerful with StoryCraft…!

Whether you’re a beginning writer or seasoned professional, no other combination of writers software for fiction writing makes it so easy to write great stories.

For the past 5 years, WriteItNow5 has been the recognized leader in fiction-writing software. Read more about WriteItNow5 (farther below).

StoryCraft is one of the first story-creation software programs, and it focuses on the Hero’s Journey concept, the pattern of stories shared by every work of fiction from the Great Myths of ancient times to the blockbusters of modern cinema. (More about StoryCraft here.)

Over the years, therefore, many WriteItNow5 users have been also using StoryCraft to enhance the storyline development part of their stories. That’s why the two programs truly are a match made in heaven.

Now the Writers Software SuperCenter, the original Internet superstore of software for writers of all genres and all types, is honored to be able to offer both monumental programs, WriteItNow5 and StoryCraft. (You can order it right here.)

WriteItNow5 writer’s software has… storyboard and storyline development, quick access to every part, thorough scene and character development notes management, chapter and scene management, idea generator, name generator, character generator, book formatting, writing targets and page-number goals, submission management, readability scores, thesaurus, global search & replace, customizable step-by-step prompts & guidance throughout, and more — as well as export to Doc, PDF, ePub and HTML.

🌟 Navigation is a breeze with multiple ways of getting to every part of work on your story. The entire program is designed with the Instant-Access-to-Everywhere-You-Work Principle, which means that you have uninterrupted access to every element of your story, writing, notes, ideas, illustrations, front matter, and so on…at every second!

The Tree is the heart of navigation in the WriteItNow5 writer’s software program.

🌟 The Chapters section is where you write each chapter, composed of as many scenes as you need.

🌟 For each chapter, you write the Scenes of your story with the Scene Editor. (And if you have purchased StoryCraft writer’s software along with WriteItNow, you’ll have additional powerful scene-writing ideas for your story based on time-honored Hero’s Journey patterns of story creation.)

And a Scenes Summary provides a broad overview of what’s happening in your story and a quick way to make general changes.

🌟 There are multiple means for developing your story’s storyline, including WriteItNow’s Storyboard Editor, which provides virtual index cards that depict each major story development and that are easily movable and deletable. (And if you have purchased StoryCraft writer’s software along with WriteItNow, you’ll have the entire array of storylines patterned after the ubiquitous Hero’s Journey approach to story creation. Check out more about StoryCraft here. Order WriteItNow and StoryCraft here.)

🌟 WriteItNow writer’s software has a thoroughly useful and easy-to-use Characters Section. The Character Tools Menu gives quick access to all the tools for creating each character of your story. (And with StoryCraft, you’ll also have exceptional guidance in creating characters — heroes, antagonists, shape shifters, and so on — specifically adapted to the classic patterns of the Hero’s Journey.)

The Character Editor identifies each character and gives access to each element of your story’s characters for developing highly compelling characters with virtually unlimited detail.

A Character Generator randomly generates an array of character types based on Enneagram Personality principles.

And a Personality Editor helps you flesh out each character’s personality traits.

You can have a picture of each character generated to give visual power to the story-creation process.

And Family Relationships can easily be established in WriteItNow writer’s software with the Family Relationships tool.

🌟 And there’s more, lots more! The Project Outliner gives the writer an instant overview of the entire landscape of project elements and creativity tools.

🌟 The Events Editor allows you to make detailed notes on each event within your story at each stage of the story.

🌟 The Locations Tool is where you can compile details about each of your story’s locations.

🌟 And the Props Tool is where you record every crucial item within your story.

🌟 In addition, there is help and guidance throughout — including a 40-page online Quick Users Booklet and exhaustive 300-page online Users Manual — as well as customizable prompts for every step of every task.

And Target Goals for word count and time spent are at the bottom of each writing section to tell you exactly how much work you have completed and push you towards completion.

🌟 And an Idea Generator that can be applied to each character, offering prompts for ideas pertaining to crime, events, leisure, relationships and other story challenges, all of which can then be described in as much detail as you wish to write.

🌟 And an Import Tool allows you to import chapters and notes you’ve written in other sources, such as Microsoft Word, easily and instantly placing them in their most appropriate sections within WriteItNow5.

🌟And the Export Setup Tool allows you to convert your work into a completed book in any major format, including Microsoft Word (doc), PDF, ePub and html.

When you use WriteItNow5 writer’s software and StoryCraft writer’s software, you are assured that the stories you write from now on will be the best stories you’ve ever written in your entire life. And the more you use them, the better you’ll become.

It’s 2020, and over the many years since we began in 1996, we’ve sold numerous different software programs for writing stories. Twenty-two years later, we’ve narrowed our selection of software for fiction writing down to just two programs: WriteItNow5  and StoryCraft. All the other programs have fallen by the wayside. But these two phenomenal programs perform — in our opinion and in the opinion of our 1000s of customers — better than all the rest! And they work in perfect harmony together.

That’s why we are offering these two programs for writers who need to write stories, any kind of stories. They are simple to use, and they offer everything a fiction writer needs, whether a beginner or a professional. In fact, these are the simplest, yet most useful, two software programs you’ll ever need or use to write the perfect story.

They allow you to write stories without distraction, without confusion, without doubt.

Order WriteItNow5 writer’s software and StoryCraft writer’s software here. Find out more about StoryCraft here.


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