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BoardMaster Help

Building an Image

The BoardMaster image builder is used to create the image for a panel. The BoardMaster CD contains clip art of Backgrounds and of Sprites that you can use to create your image. BoardMaster will also support other vendors' clip art. See Supported File Formats for more details.

To create an image first select a background. Backgrounds are stretched to fit the width and height of your image. If you look under the BoardMaster folder "ClipArt" on your BoardMaster CD, you will see a folder called "Backgrounds". This folder contains sub folders of backgrounds that you can use for your image. The backgrounds on the CD are arranged in folders by aspect ratio. There are folders for US Wide Screen, Anamorphic etc.

The image below shows the icons and their usage in the Image Builder.

Here is a mountain background and a helicopter sprite.

Some Important Tips About The Image Builder

In order to maximize productivity with the image builder, you will need to use the "Save As" to save work that will be used in different images. For example, when setting up a scene, select a background and add static props for the scene. Then use the "Save As" button to save the image. This image will then be used as the background for the scene. This will save repositioning every sprite on the creation of each image.

Exporting Templates from the Image Builder

You can also export your built image as a template from the image builder. This template can then be re-opened in the image builder and editted later saving you from having to reposition all of your sprites. A template "remembers" the background, characters, and sprites in an image and their position on the screen. Note that templates cannot be added directly to a project, you will still need to save your image from the image builder before it will be added to the storyboard. Text and Shapes are not saved in the template, only backgrounds and images.