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Index Card View

Many of our users tell us that this is their favorite View in Power Structure.

Play with it for just a little while and we're sure you'll see why!

Index Cards have been a time honored way of breaking down and structuring stories; but aside from the ecological implications, it also Full Screen.gif (119566 bytes) has some practical limitations, for example, say you've categorized a Story Beat (Plot Point in the graphic above) on your Blue Action Cards and then realize that it's really more of an exposition scene which you have on green cards.  You either have to get out the old bleach and dyes or rewrite the card.

Take the same problem into the electronic world, and you can simply fix it by dragging and dropping the card, as displayed in the animation above.

From this screen you can also:

  • Display from one to sixty cards at once

  • Display up to ten colored categories

  • Reorder the Categories by Dragging and Dropping

  • Drag'n'Drop Cards between categories

  • Drag'n'Drop Cards to reorder them

  • Add New Cards

  • Edit Existing Cards

  • Delete Existing Cards

And if that weren't enough, you also have a completely different way of using the Index Cards...

Index Card / Character View

With a Click of you Mouse, you're in a completely new way of looking at things!

By mixing Story Beats with the Character information, it allows you to easily see how your character's grow, evolve and interact throughout your story!

From this screen you can also:

  • Display from one to sixty cards at once

  • Display up to nine Characters and what their role is in this Story Beat (particularly useful if you are using the Hero's Journey archetypes) and/or how they are affected by this story beat

  • Add or Edit any Characters Role or affected text relating to this story beat

  • Reorder the Story Beats by Dragging and Dropping

  • Recategorize Story Beats with a Pop-Up Menu

  • Reorder or Swap among the visible Characters

  • Add, Edit and Delete Cards

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